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Need help finding a commodity number?  Please find the commodity code you are looking for here.

Need help finding a Professional Service Code?  Please find the Professional Service code you are looking for here .
Detailed instructions for creating a RQN (posted 5/26/17)

This job aid shows how to use the RQN and RQM requisitions to prepare for purchases that must be awarded using funding from the next fiscal year. Pre-processing for the new fiscal year presents a special situation where a one-time purchase may need to be awarded at the start of the new fiscal year in October, but the budget cannot be pre-encumbered before the fiscal year. The New Year Requisition (RQN) (named "Non-accounting Requisition" in STAARS) is designed to require chart of accounts elements that must be passed to the awarded PO, but the RQN does not validate budget or pre-encumber funds.

RQN Job Aid
Latest News from Pat Antle: (posted 12/13/16)

The expired T129, Communication Device 800 MHZ (SouthernLinc), has been rebid and awarded to SouthernLinc Wireless.  The new contract number is MA 999 17*18 and  has been renamed as T129 PTT Communications Service and Equipment.  Line 1 is a line type service to enter your service plans, line 2 is a line type item for equipment purchases, and line 3 is also a line type item for accessories.  On line 1, please enter the service plan(s), monthly cost, period covered and either the cell phone/radio numbers or the master account number(s) and the number of units under the account.  Lines 2 and 3 are set up for one time purchases. Due to new guidelines set in place, we can no longer approve open ended lines for the equipment or accessories.  Vendors cannot open attachments, so please do not attach lists of service plans and phone numbers in lieu of entering this information on the commodity line’s extended description, and do not reference attachments, since, again, vendors have no access to them.   

It is my understanding that SouthernLinc will begin sending agencies the new pricing catalogs within the next week, and once you receive those plans you should be able to enter your DO’s.


Off Contract Purchases: (posted 12/12/16)
For agencies wanting to purchase contract items from non-contract vendors, please read the memo from the State Purchasing Director regarding the procedure and requirements in the documents below.

* Off Contract Purchases Memo

* Off Contract Waiver Request Checklist (revised 3-20-17)

* Off Contract OIT Sheet

Manual Agencies: (updated 5/26/17)
Instructions for filling out a Purchase Request Form:


Purchasing Update: Open End POs and DOs



September 13, 2016


All Agencies

Beginning with FY17, open end purchase orders/delivery orders (POs/DOs) will only be processed by State Purchasing under the following circumstance:

  • For services (i.e., pest control, garbage, cell phones, temporary IT personnel services, etc.). Agencies will establish the PO/DO with an amount of money and modify the amount as needed to cover invoices.

In rare situations, the purchase of goods with an open end PO/DO will be considered on a case-by-case basis with a letter of justification submitted to the Director of Purchasing.
If you have further questions, please ask your agency point of contact (POC) to contact STAARS Support Services at or (334) 353-9000, or State Purchasing at (334) 242-7250.

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